Empowering the Next Generation: GLOW Program Students Explore Renewable Energy with the Hampton Roads Workforce Council at Centura College

Centura College’s Norfolk campus recently hosted sixty-four students from the Girls Lead Offshore Wind (GLOW) program, accompanied by staff from the Hampton Roads Workforce Council. The purpose of their visit was to explore Centura College’s Wind Turbine Program and engage in hands-on activities emphasizing the significance of renewable energy.

During the visit, the students witnessed a climbing tower rescue demonstration and had the unique opportunity to interact with and learn from Women in Wind. These accomplished women served as mentors, sharing their experiences and insights to inspire the GLOW students to consider careers in the offshore wind industry. The students actively participated in the electrical lab, gaining insights into traditional energy through hands-on activities such as connecting wires to switches. This allowed them to understand how conventional energy is converted into power for both businesses and homes. Additionally, the students toured the renewable energy lab, where they worked on a turbine simulator to learn about safety protocols and equipment usage.

The GLOW program, a collaborative effort between the Hampton Roads Workforce Council and the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy, strives to introduce young women to the expanding opportunities in the offshore wind sector. By providing firsthand experiences and mentorship, GLOW empowers students to explore and consider careers in renewable energy.

Cory Doxey, Campus Executive Director, expressed Centura College’s gratitude for hosting a day focused on hands-on projects and demonstrations related to careers in the renewable energy sector. As a proud father of two young girls, Doxey is particularly thrilled to offer role models to this group of aspiring young women. He extended thanks to the Hampton Roads Workforce Council for their ongoing partnership with Centura College.

Centura College’s Wind Turbine Technician program equips students with the technical skills required to install, maintain, and repair wind turbines. The program typically spans 12 months and provides students with the opportunity to obtain Maritime-based certifications, the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) Introduction to Power Industry and Wind Turbine Maintenance Level I certifications, as well as CPR/Basic Life Support training.